There are many 24-hour pharmacies located in France. Many people in this country benefit a lot from the services offered by these pharmacies (pharmacie ouverte dimanche). The main role of these pharmacies is to offer prescription medicines and advises to all patients that visit there. This article gives more information concerning the 24-hour pharmacies in France. Most online pharmacies in France are going to be open for around twenty four hours, and are going to carry a wide assortment of products that stretch far beyond just prescriptions and over the counter medications. Most will also sell newspapers, candy, bread, peanut butter and jelly, cereal, a host of other small and convenient products. With this being said, the true purpose of a pharmacy being open 24 hours, online and in person, is that some patients with serious and problematic illnesses are going to really have a tough time with working and functioning in day to day society if they do not have their medications. For this reason, sometimes pharmacies absolutely need to be open all the time, for the reason that it is very difficult for these people to get to the pharmacy at any hour besides late at night sometimes, and the online pharmacy needs to be absolutely prepared for anything.

The best example of the top illnesses and medications that are commonly bought at these 24 hour online pharmacies, are as follows:

ADHD and ADD, or Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ADHD and ADD are among the more mild illnesses present on this list, yet if left untreated can still cause a very nasty amount of damage to the afflicted user in question. While not life threatening, or necessarily as much of a disadvantage as some of these other mental illnesses are, however proper ADHD medication can have significant benefits on the afflicted. ADHD is typically treated with stimulant medications, called psycho stimulants, as these can calm down the patient with ADD or ADHD. ADD and ADHD are both categorized by hyperactivity, inability to focus, having trouble learning, studying, or misbehaving at work, taking excessive risks and being very impulsive in your behavior, and a host of other ugly problems that can afflict the person with the disorder.

Bi Polar Disorder

Bi polar disorder is by far one of the more serious disorders on this page, and can cause the user grave troubles in life, including in one’s working life and relationships. This illness causes the person afflicted to have problems with sleep patterns, and to often times switch back and forth between manic spells and depressive spells. Manic spells will typically cause the user to stay up for days and days at a time, doing whatever obsessive task repeatedly over and over again satisfies the patient. While they are in something of a depressive phase while dealing with their bi polar disorder, they will sleep for days on end, mope around, and generally feel unwell. Mood stabilizing drugs are among those most often prescribed, as they can help to keep away the manic highs and lows that those with bi polar disorder experience.

List of Cities in France where Online Pharmacies are Open

Several cities in France now offer online pharmacy services to patients. Some of these cities in France are;

• Paris

Paris is the capital city of France. This city is the main center of many open online pharmacies in France. There are more than ten open online pharmacies in Paris. Examples of these pharmacies are; City-Pharma, British and America Pharmacy, Pharmacie Lafayette Des Halles and many others. the following are other cities in France with open online Pharmacies.

• Marseille
• Lyon
• Rouen

Top ten cities in Paris for pharmacies

Paris is a home of many online pharmacies in France. There are more than ten busy pharmacies in this city. Below is a list of these pharmacies;
• City-Pharma
• British and American Pharmacy
• Pharmacie Lafayette Des Halles
• Pharmacie Bader
• Pharmacie Monge
• Pharmacie Du Theatre Francais
• La Pharmacie De La Place
• Pharmacie de la Mairie
• Pharmacy Du Village
• Calas